HDP 200
    The Pico Projector with 120" Display and Wireless Connection.
    $ 267.00
    Product Feature :
    • Weight: 160g
    • Dimension(L × W × H): 100*100*22mm
    • Compatible Resolution: 640*480~1920*1080
    • Display Technology: DLP
    • Light Source: RGB LED
    • Brightness(ANSI): 100 Lumens
    • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
    • Power Supply: DC 12V/2A
    • Power Consumption: 12W
    • Built-in Speaker: 8 ohm 1W(×1)
    • Battery: Li-polymer,4000mAh

  • Specs
    NameLED Pocket
    Native resolution854*480
    Display technologyDLP
    Light sourceRGB LED
    Brightness(ANSI)100 Lumens
    Contrast ratio 1000:1
    Power supplyDC 12V/2A
    Power consumption12w
    Built-in Speaker8 ohm 1w(×1)
    Working temperature 0~35 Degrees Celsius
    Relative working humidity 10%~90%

    Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • FAQ
    I want to know if the projector has the keystone and the bluetooth function. Cause I have a bluetooth, I do want to use it.
    The pico projector does not support keystone and bluetooth. (But you can buy a bluthtooth transmitter and stick it into the Audio Out . Then you can use your bluetooth.)
    does the projector have an internal speaker or do I need to connect to an external speaker?
    The pico projector is equipped with an internal speaker which is 1W. And we suggest you connect an outer speaker into the Audio Out to get a better user experience. While connecting your computer, you also had better use an outer speaker.
    Will the fan of this projector be noisy?
    The sound of the fan is in low volume. Most of customers think the sound is acceptable. But it depends on personal experience.
    What is the basic information about the projector, contrast ratio and suchlike?
    The brightness and contrast ratio are 100 lumen and 1000:1 separately, which are set to meet most customers’ viewing standard. And you will find more details in specs in the following.
    I have a SD Card, USB and other devices, will these devices be accessible to your pico projector?
    This type of pico projector has only 4 interfaces, that is AC IN, HDMI, USB, and Audio Out. It does not support SD Card.
    I just got my pico projector yesterday, when I try to use it, I couldn't control it with the remote. Is there any method to solve it?
    There is a plastic sheet in the remote to insulate the remote. You can make sure whether you have removed it or not. Because the sensor is set at the back of the projector, you had better direct the remote to the right direction. You can also change another battery for the remote.
    Can I connect it to my Iphone6 and Macbook? and how?
    You can connect the pico projector to your Iphone6 wirelessly. HDMI Cable is suitable to connect both your Iphone6 and Macbook. But sometimes you need to adjust the resolution of your Macbook to project smoothly. The specific instruction is listed on User Manual and our website. The effective and efficient service is provided by our Service Center at support@amaz-play.com. We will help you out whenever you make contact with us.
    I have tried to watch Youtube videos wirelessly, but the projector didn't show it . What is up?
    Due to certain Third Party privilege, the pico projector has no right to display those online videos while you connect the pico projector to your Iphone devices wirelessly. If you want to watch online videos, we recommend you had better use HDMI Cable to connect.
    I want to connect the projector to my Samsung S5 and watch online videos, will it be possible?
    Yes. If your device is Android system, you can not only watch videos on Youtube wirelessly but also with HDMI Cable. You can get the specific instruction from the User Manual or from how to connect WIFI in our website.
    I have some problems while using this pico projector, I need to know how can I get help from you quickly?
    You can send your issues to our email address support@amaz-play.com. We will make a response to you within 24 hours and will exert efforts to help you out of any problem.